Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of Homeschooling Pre-School!

So--I'm not sure who was more excited for today--John Paul or ME! We started our preschool Day with a picture. :)

Our first activity was pattern blocks. I have had pattern blocks on a list on my wall forever and my sister in law surprised me by buying us a pack! I was really excited. So I printed off some pattern block "puzzles from www.prekinders.com and let the boys go to work. I have to admit, for a math related activity, it was pretty fun.
This is how happy John Paul was when he finished his LONG snake! I love this picture...if only every day could be this fun, right?

Because our unit theme for these two weeks is Apples, I told a story of a father who told his son there was a star hiding in his apple. The boy looked and looked, but couldn't find it. (We cut up an apple the usual way and looked.) Then, the father cut the apple the other way (cross-wise) and there was the star! While we did this, we talked about the parts of the apple, properties of an apple, shape of an apple, etc. It was pretty fun.

To complete our day, we went to Daily Mass, to the library to find books on apples, and baked a cake for Our Blessed Mother's Birthday. It was a super day--low maintenance and upbeat and full of play--just like preschool should be!


  1. You guys ROCK! You make it sound SO easy! I love that you are having a fun time, and Kudos to you for going to Mass and celebrating our Lady's birthday! I need to take some notes...:-)

  2. Ooooohhh...when you posted that, I forgot to mention that my wonderful husband had the day OFF on our first day of school. Which is why it sounded so easy, and why I was able to go to Mass...so don't take too many notes!!! haha (Love you!)

  3. What a great first day! It sounds like lots of fun!