Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Artist and The Scientist

We recently did a painting project and I had to take this picture. The differences in my two sons' personalities was SO perfect in this project!

Joey (2) had a wonderful time painting--trying different brushes and brush strokes, seeing how things looked on the paper, and swirling the colors around to make pretty patterns. It really relaxed him, and he worked with both hands, my little ambidextrious (sp?) fellow. Meanwhile...

John Paul didn't want to use the paint for painting. He took the palate I gave him and didn't even try to paint a picture. Instead, he dipped the brush in all the colors and watched to see what the results were when he added a color to his water glass. "It changed, Mama, it changed!" What a little scientist he is!
Sometimes I can be tempted to treat them similarly because they are both boys and they are so close in age. However, it's good that I have little reminders like this to help me remember that God gave them DIFFERENT gifts to grow into very DIFFERENT people...and to use their gifts to magnify His Glory!

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  1. what a beautiful reminder to me for my girls. Thanks so much for this post, Krissy. I have to tell you, I love all of your children with my whole heart - but as an "artsy" person who gags at the thought of science - I am so proud to be Joey's Godmother! God is AMAZING. Being Joey's Godmother is such a reminder to me that His plan really is perfect!!