Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Learning to Use Scissors

Due to having three kids in the house under 5, and my generally distractable nature, I tend not to let the kids have a lot of scissors practice time! So it was really no shock to me that John Paul is not a natural with the scissors. I found this book at an educational shop (Don't you just love those stores?) and I grabbed it. The book is called My First Book of Cutting by Kumon. I wish I could upload a picture of the book, but that is beyond my technical abilities--for now. It cost around $7--pricey for a book, but it has been REALLY helpful. Each page has a different theme with levels of cutting difficulty that increase very gradually each day. I have John Paul do a page a day to get ready for Kindergarten--so we can do lots of fun crafts without tears and (God forbid) blood. :-) I recommend it!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hi friends!

I am back to blogging after A LOT of time off and much reflection. Even though I'm an extrovert by nature, it's been a little bit difficult to put myself out there for the world to see. And I struggle with the direction of this it an education blog, a Catholic Mommy blog, a wonderfully random blog??? This, among other thoughts pecked away at me and begged me to take a bit of a bloggy break.

I am not a writer. But this year, I am going to attempt at being an 'official' home educator. I hope to chronicle my year of homeschooling a kindergartener. I plan to share my thoughts on resources I use, fun things we do, and why I feel called to this home educating life. :)

Thanks for reading!