Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making fireworks!

I saw the idea for this project on several blogs, and unfortunately cannot remember which ones, so I'll start with the confession that I am shamelessly copying this from others! The fourth of July was super for us...we stayed here in town and went to a great local parade and saw some fireworks in the park. Before we went, we made some fireworks of our own.

Okay, so my pictures are out of order, and I don't feel like moving them around. First, we took a dropper (from the drugstore--let's just say we collect a lot of these during cold season) and dipped it in some red and blue Crayola paint mixed with water. I made the dots on the boys sheets and they took straws and blew air directly over the dots, which caused the dots to splatter like fireworks.
Joey was a bit young for this activity, and I was happy to see that the paint was non toxic after he sucked some up instead of blowing air on to it. John Paul really got a kick out of this, and wanted more and more paint--he LOVES projects. Joey just kept yelling to our neighbor, "Gavin, I'm doing a pro-dect!" It was really fun.

Then we practiced water transfer with our leftover paint and water, just to work on finger strength and because it was fun.
Happy Belated Fourth everyone! God bless America!

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