Friday, July 3, 2009

A Grateful Day

Most of my posts focus on the kids' projects, but I'm straying a bit this week. Please bear with me! :)

This week has been a hard week, but a great week. I held my best friend's hand in the waiting room of a hospital as she waited to hear if her husband had pulled through his risky surgery. It was such a blessing to get to share that day with her, and try to even slightly ease the burden of the huge cross she was carrying. Praise God that the surgery went SO WELL, even better than expected. Thank you to EVERYONE (there were hundreds of you) who prayed for his surgery and his recovery.

It also helped me to count the blessings in my own life. I hugged my husband a little tighter this week and tried to love him a little better and thank him for being the amazing man that he is. Because there is nothing like a trauma or a tragedy to help you realize how blessed you are and how much you really have to lose. Our lives are suspended by total grace and at any moment the things we have could be gone. So I thank Holly and Joseph and their situation for reminding me of that.

Another reflection I had this week was about suffering. Sometimes life is just too sad for words. No one tells you when you're little to prepare for that--that your heart WILL break, maybe a hundred times, or a thousand. It's unfathomable to me how anyone deals with these heartbreaks without a strong faith in a Savior, and in a place where all suffering will cease; without faith in a God that KNOWS your pain, Who has FELT your pain, and Who will REDEEM your pain...Who will unite your pain with His to save the world.

Praise God for that.

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