Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Praise God for Toilet Paper.

I should have known better.

I should have known not to put a full roll of toilet paper on the dispenser like a normal person would. We are not normal here. :)

And I REALLY should have known not to ignore giggling coming from the bathroom. Ever.

But I was feeding the baby and checking my email, and for some reason, the giggling didn't register.

So here are the results. At times like this (and days like this) I have been trying to make myself say this little prayer. John Paul is a big fan because it involves yelling....Go figure.

Praise God! Praise God for clean bathrooms so the toilet paper on the floor can still be reused.

Praise God! Praise God for soft and fancy toilet paper going on sale...we should all be so lucky to use this stuff!

Praise God! Praise God for two healthy little boys who are curious enough to explore their surroundings and clever enough to try and hide the evidence. (I found the majority of the pile in their bedroom after the damage had been done.)

Praise God! Praise God that I did not lose my temper...which I have been known to do. :(

Praise God! Praise God for the luxury of staying home with my children to experience these moments.

Praise God! And most of all, praise God for the laughter of little boys, who can find so much joy in the little things.

Praise God. :)


  1. Beautiful. My kids seem to like the baby wipes. God forbid anyone should fail to put them up...HIGH. LOL

  2. Krissy, I am finally getting to read your posts! Again, I am SO excited you have joined our little blogging community. It's a great way to keep up... I like it much better than facebook. Unfortunately being a full time PT and "full time" mother and wife doesn't leave me much time to post or comment... but I do my best and am looking forward to keeping up with you!
    What a wonderful witness to giving praise to God despite what kids or situations throw at you! I have really been trying to do that more and have found I am developing a better attitude. It really is powerful stuff! And isn't it great to have boys our boys' ages that can now play together and interact so well often (even if it is in making a mess with the toilet paper)? I'm loving this age! (especially now that I'm trying to develop a gracious attitude whether the boys are being good or "bad")
    On to your older posts!
    God bless you all!

  3. Krissy, regarding your question on my blog: Usually it works if we do puzzles on the "big table" AKA the kitchen table. To be honest, I think Isaac was watching a movie while Blaise and I were putting the puzzle together. If we are putting a puzzle together and Isaac knows we are, he is also crawling onto the table and taking it apart faster than Blaise can get it together. So I definitely know what you mean! My advice: put a movie in for Joey!