Monday, May 18, 2009

An Impromptu Science Lesson

Daddy gets involved with our projects sometimes....this project wasn't even planned! I got this planet placemat from Walmart a year or so ago for 97 cents and the balls, we just had lying around the house. Think we have enough balls for the two boys?!?!

The boys had a great time comparing sizes of planets and deciding which of their balls would represent each planet. The boys really seem to enjoy science, so I'm sure they will be testing their mother, the least science minded person on THIS planet.
But I'm SO glad they have the itch to learn new things, so I'm a very good sport, and I hope I'll grow to love science right along with them!


  1. I'm not Science minded either, but it can be taught! LOL

    Looks like a very cool lesson. =)

  2. That picture really puts the relative sizes of the planets in perspective! And to imagine that we're tiny beings on one of the smaller planets! Yet we are so important to our loving God. For Him to come down and make Himself into a tiny being like us and die for us and for our redemption when we're such small specks in regards to the universe! WOW!