Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our First (Official) Day of School!

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life." --Charlotte Mason

Well, today was our first "official" day of our homeschool! I say official because we try to learn every day--the world is our classroom! I'm trying to get John Paul to say that more often, instead of him telling everyone that we're on "spring break."
We started with a little Math-U-See, followed by some copywork.

Copywork is NOT John Paul's we do it early and get it done! He's getting better and better at it, though!

We decided to go outside for a little nature and bug catching. We got some strange looks with our nets and bug collectors...or maybe they were looking at me clutching a cup of coffee in one hand and a wriggly 18 month old in the other. We caught a moth in the back yard! They live in the grass--John Paul hypothesized that they live there because there is food and ALSO to hide from birds so they don't get eaten.

Joey found some crabapples and put them in his container. He hypothesized that bears eat them. Maybe not in suburban Wauwatosa...but probably somewhere.

We found some ants and compared how some were bigger and some were smaller--Daddy ants and Baby ants, of course. (I guess we'll save species sizes for another day!) I love this picture with all three of them being "scientists."

And we found some lovely black eyed Susans and stopped to enjoy them!
We came home and journaled about our nature walk.
We read about God creating the world for us in Tomie de Paola's Book of Bible Stories.
Joey drew some pictures of the sun and John Paul played with dinosaurs.
We read 2 Chapters of Charlotte's Web--Wilbur learned that the Zuckermans plan to kill him at Christmas--traumatizing, but also exciting. Reading Charlotte's Web aloud really has the boys listening closely--they don't want to miss a part about how spiders paralyze the flies before they suck their blood, or where Christmas ham comes from. The language is a little higher level, but it's really in line with the Charlotte Mason curriculum from there for more info!
And I'm pretty sure THIS girl had the best day of all...our little explorer. :)

Whew! A big day, and it's only 1:00! I had a BLAST and I think the kids did too. Thanks for coming along with us on our first official day of school...hope to see you again soon. :)


  1. Wow, Krissy! I'm very impressed. Your kids are blessed to have you!

  2. Perfect! You did Charlotte Mason proud! Your children will thank you some day!

  3. Wow, I am overwhelmed just reading everything you and the kids did today... I wish I had your energy!! What an awesome first day!