Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Learning to Use Scissors

Due to having three kids in the house under 5, and my generally distractable nature, I tend not to let the kids have a lot of scissors practice time! So it was really no shock to me that John Paul is not a natural with the scissors. I found this book at an educational shop (Don't you just love those stores?) and I grabbed it. The book is called My First Book of Cutting by Kumon. I wish I could upload a picture of the book, but that is beyond my technical abilities--for now. It cost around $7--pricey for a book, but it has been REALLY helpful. Each page has a different theme with levels of cutting difficulty that increase very gradually each day. I have John Paul do a page a day to get ready for Kindergarten--so we can do lots of fun crafts without tears and (God forbid) blood. :-) I recommend it!!


  1. Cool! You are back on your blog- I was surprised to see you pop up in my Google reader. :) Not quite as cool looking as that book, but just fyi you can find a lot of cutting practice pages online, for example like these ones: Jimmy was definitely not as natural with scissors and fine motor as Barbara was so we had to do some practice with that last year. they do seem to pick it up quickly, though, which is good! LOVE the Learning Store. Dangerous place for Liz! That reminds me BB & J each have $3 coupons for there to use that they earned through the Tosa Library reading program- woohoo!

  2. I am so glad you're back on your blog! Welcome back! What a great idea to have John Paul practice!

    I tagged you on a Catholic Devotion "meme" here: I'm looking forward to hearing what your favorite devotions are!