Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Lessons Learned--Earth Day!

Yesterday was Earth Day. And because Joey was sick, we were quarantined to the apartment, which meant lots of time for educational fun. I really like flannel board activities because they are so cheap and easy and there is so much flexibility. I love not having to buy anything for activities!!! I decided we'd study the weather, so I made pictures of a sun, clouds, wind, etc. (Have you ever tried drawing wind?) Then I made separate pieces with the words "sunny, cloudy, windy, etc." Then I showed John Paul which ones went together and then mixed them up. He did REALLY well! He used the first letter of the words to match them with the picture. Like when he looked at the word "Sunny," he knew it started with an S and could match it up with the Sun, which he also knew started with an S. I was very impressed!

Then we played "Plant or Animal." I made two headings and eight small pictures of plants and animals. We talked about some of the differences between plants and animals, and John Paul was easily able to make the abstractions and separate them. Woohoo!

Meanwhile, Joey played with a flannel board "puzzle." He also loved making the noises of the animals I was drawing. He did a pretty good job of not distracting us too much!

Above all, we tried to stress that God made all of creation for us, and we focused on the first part of the Baltimore Catechism: Who made the world? God made the world! Who is God? God is the Creator of heaven and earth, and of all things!

Last night, after a long day, John Paul put hand soap on his toothbrush and tried to brush his teeth. I think he learned more in that instant than he had all day. Lesson learned. I hope.


  1. Krissy--
    I love your blog and pray you will find support in the world of the blog!

    Your felt projects are always AMAZING! Keep up the great work mama--you are a born leader and teacher--how lucky your "students" are!

  2. I am really enjoying looking back on your blogs and getting a glimpse into your world! I hope you keep on blogging!