Friday, December 4, 2009


Today, I'm really in the mood to write but I lack direction. So, I'm going to do 7 Quick Takes Friday and blurt out all my randomness in one post.


My Grandma Sue died last weekend. It happened more quickly than I thought it would and although I got to say goodbye, there was no time to linger and enjoy the last precious moments of lucidity that cancer patients often have. I am sad about that. But I am confident that she knows how much gratitude I have for her and the sacrifices that she made for her family. And I pray that God grants her eternal rest.


I did a really awesome Advent schedule for the kids and assigned each day a letter and an activity. We're on the sixth day of Advent, and we've done two activities. Elizabeth's Article helped me feel better about that. You should read it.


I need to get back to my morning jog. My pants are begging me. It's a good thing I don't have the budget to buy new pants every time I go up a size. That could be catastrophic.


I am so grateful for the many dear dear friends whom God has placed in my life. I wish I could talk to them every day. However, that is clearly not my calling, and so I thank God that they are forgiving and loving and don't mind when I don't immediately return phone calls or emails.


My baby girl is so much less "into things" than my baby boys were. That's pretty great. I hope the trend continues. Oh, and she's so cute. I am crazy in love with all three of my kids. Even when they're naughty.


I'm currently not reading anything right now (gasp) except for my St. Josemaria devotional. It's because I have a fine at the library. I can't even go in there because I get all anxious that everyone knows how irresponsible I am. Overreact much? Yeah, I do.

I'm going to family holy hour tonight, which is great because I get to see Jesus and many of my friends. And because everyone brings their noisy, rambunctious kids, I don't have to worry too much about mine. It's a judge free zone. If you don't have a family holy hour at your parish, you need one. Really.

God bless (and thanks for reading)!

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